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PSALM 111, by            
First Line: At home abroad most willingly I will
Last Line: U nbounded bides, no time can it define.

A t home abroad most willingly I will
B estow on God my prayses utmost skill
C hanting his Works, works of unmatched might
D eem'd so by them who in their search delight
E ndless the Honour to his power pertains
F rom end as farr his Justice eke remains
G ratious and good and working wonders so
H is wonders never can forgotten go
I n hungry wast he fedd his faithfull crew
K eeping his League, and still in promise true
L astly his strength he caused them understand
M aking them Lords of all the heathen land
N ow what could more each promise, doome, decree
O f him confirm sure just unmov'd to be
P reserv'd his folk his league Eternall fram'd
Q uake then with feare, when Holy he is named
R everence of him is perfect Wisdoms well
S tand in his Law, so understand you well
T he prayse of him (though wicked hearts repine)
U nbounded bides, no time can it define.

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