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PSALM 119, by                    
First Line: A undefiled course, who leadeth
Last Line: That I forget not one.


An undefiled Course, who leadeth
And in Jehovas Doctrin treadeth
How blessed He
How blest they be
Who still his Testimonys keeping
Do seek himself with hearty seeking.

For whom in walk Gods way directeth
Sure them no sinfull blott infecteth
Of deed or word
For Thou O Lord
Hast to be done Thy Lawes commanded
Not only to be understanded.

O were my stepps so stay'd from swerving
That I me to Thy hests observing
Might wholy give
Then would I live
With constant cheere all chances brooking
To all Thy precepts ever looking.

Then would I worship Thee sincerely
When what Thy Justice bidds severely
Thou shouldst me teach
I would no breach
Make of Thy Law to me betaken
O leave me not in whole forsaken.


By what correcting line
May a young man make streit his crooked way
By Levell of Thy Lore Divine
Sith then with so good cause
My heart Thee seekes O Lord, I seeking pray
Let me not wander from Thy lawes.

Thy speeches have I hidd
Close locked up in Casket of my heart
Fearing to do what they forbid
But this cannot suffice
Thou wisest Lord, who ever blessed art
Yet make me in Thy statutes wise

Then shall my lipps declare
Thy Sacred lawes, which from thy mouth proceede
And teach all nations what they are
For what Thou dost decree
To my conceit farr more delight doth breed
Than Worlds of wealth if worlds might be

Thy precepts therfore I
Will my continuall Meditation make
And to Thy paths will have good eye
The Orders by Thee set
Shall cause me in them greatest pleasure take
Nor once will I Thy words forgett.


Conferr O Lord
This benefitt on me
That I may live and keep thy word
Open myne eyes
They may The riches see
Which in Thy law enfolded lyes.

A Pilgrim right
On earth I wandring live
O barr me not Thy statutes light
I wast and spill
While still I longing grieve
Grieve longing for Thy judgments still.

Thou, Proud and high
Dost low, and lowly make
Curst from Thy Rule, who bend awry
What shame they lay
On me, then from me take
For I have kept Thy will alway.

Let Princes talk
And talk their worst of me
In Thy Decrees my thoughts shall walk
All my Delight
Thy witness'd Will shall be
My counsell to advise me right.


Dead as if I were
My Soul to dust doth cleave
Lord keep Thy word, and do not leave
Me here
But quicken me anew
When I did confess
My sinfull wayes to Thee
As then Thy eare Thou didst to me
So teach me now Thy statutes true.

Make that I may know
And throughly understand
What way to walk Thou dost command
Then show
Will I Thy wonders all
Very Woe and grief
My Soul doth melt and fry
Revive me Lord, and send me Thy
And let on me Thy comfort fall.

From the Lyars trace
From falshoods writhed way
O save me Lord, and make I may
The law Thou dost commend
For the path ay right
Where Truth unfeigned goes
My tongue to tread hath dayly chose
My sight
Thy judgment doth as guides attend.

Since therfore O Lord
Still did I still I do
So nearely dearly cleave unto
Thy Word
All shame from me avert
Then lo, lo then I
Will tread yea running tread
The trace which Thy commandments lead
When Thy
Free grace hath fully freed my heart.


Explain O Lord the way to me
That Thy Divine Edicts unfold
And I to end will run it right
O make my blinded eyes to see
And I Thy Law will hold, yea hold
Thy Law with all my hearts delight.

O be my Guide O guide me so
I Thy commandments path may pace
Wherin to walk my heart is fain
O bend it then to things that show
True Witness of Thy might and grace
And not to hungry thirst of gain

Avert my eye it may not viewe
Of vanity the falsed face
And strength my treading in Thy trade
Let doings prove Thy sayings true
To him that holds Thy Servants place
And Thee his aw his feare hath made.

Thou then my feare remove the feare
Of Cousning blame from carefull me
For gracious are Thy judgments still
Behold to me Thy precepts deare
Most deare, and most delightfull be
O let Thy Justice ayd me still.


Frankly poure O Lord on me
Saving grace to set me free
That supported I may see
Promise truly kept by Thee
That to them who me defame
Roundly I may answer frame
Who because Thy word and name
Are my trust, thus seek my shame
Thy true Word O do not make
Utterly my mouth forsake
Since I thus still waiting wake
When Thou wilt just vengeance take
Then lo I Thy doctrin pure
Sure I hold will hold most sure
Nought from it shall me allure
All the time my time shall dure
Then as brought to widest way
From restraint of streightest stay
All their thinking night and day
On Thy Law my thoughts shall lay
Yea then unto any King
Witness will I any thing
That from Thee can witness bring
In my face no blush shall spring
Then will I set forth to sight
With what pleasure what delight
I embrace Thy precepts right
Whereunto all love I plight
Then will I with either hand
Clasp the rules of Thy command
There my study still shall stand
Striving them to understand.


Grave deep in Thy remembrance Lord
Thy promise past
To me whose trust on Thy true word
Thou builded hast
For in my Woes
Hence my only comfort growes
That when I grieve
Still Thy word doth me relieve

Most fowly those that proudly swell
Did me deride
Yet I from what thy teachings tell
Did never slide
For I did hold
Mindfully Thy wreakes of Old
And That O Lord
Comfort did to me afford

Yea trembling horror seisd on me
And I did quake
When I did wicked wretches see
Thy lawes forsake
Who though I stand
Farr exild from native land
Yet still Thy law
Songs of mirth from me doth draw

Each night prΧsents unto myne eye
Instead of sleep
Thy awfull name and soundly I
Thy Doctrin keep
The spring I know
Whence to me all blessings flow
I firmly stand
In the deeds Thy words command


Have Others other choyse
I have irrevocably giv'n my voice
That my lot in Thee O Lord
My wealth shall be in following Thy Word
Before Thy prΧsence I
Poure out my heart I pray unfeignedly
Promise me good hope doth give
Let with good help performance me relieve!
All all my walks and wayes
My thoughts sharp censure carefully survayes
All my stepps to that I move
Wherto Thy Doctrin testifys Thy love
Nor walk I slack and slow
Nor day from day do I deferring go
But with hearty hast do hye
To keep the Words where Thy commandments lye.
Indeed the wicked pack
To stopp my passage wrought my spoile and wrack
But to me that was no cause
Why once I should the more forget Thy lawes
Nay then even then when night
Hides in her darkness most remote from light
Rising I my bed forsake
To prayse Thy judgments justly Thou dost make
To all that Thee do feare
I a companion fellowship do beare
All I say that fear Thee so
That Thy commandments they observing go
Since all the Earth O Lord
Flowes with the goods Thy Goodness dos afford
This one good thing grant to me
That in Thy lawes I may Thy Scholar be


In all kindness Thou O Lord
Hast to me performed Thy Word
This now resteth that I learn
From Thy skill a skillfull tast
Good from evill to discern
On Thy lawes whose trust is plac't

Yet unhumbled I did stray
Now I will Thy words obey
Thou that art so highly good
Nothing can Thy goodness reach
Thou where floweth bountys flood
Willing me Thy statutes teach.

What if proud men on me ly
I will on Thy Lawes rely
Wallow they in their delights
Fatt in body, fatt in mind
I the pleasures of my sp'rits
Will unto Thy Doctrin bind

Now I find the good of Woe
How Thy hests it makes me know
Of whose mouth the lectures true
Are alone all wealth to me
Millions then, and mines adieu
Gold and Silver drosse you bee


Knitt and conformed by Thy hand
Hath been evry part of me
Then make me well to understand
Conceiving All thou dost command
That when me Thy fearers see
They for me may justly joy
Seing what I lookt from Thee
On Thy word I now enjoy.

O Lord Thy judgments just I know
When Thy Scourges scourged me
Thou in that doing naught didst show
That might Thy promise overthrow
Let mee then Thy Comfort see
Kindly sent as Thou hast said
Bring Thy mercys life from Thee
On Thy lawes my joyes are layd

Let blame and shame the Proud betide
Falsly who subverted me
Whose meditations shall not slide
But fast on Thy Commandments bide
So shall I Thy Fearers see
On my part who know Thy will
While I purely worship Thee
Blott nor blush my face shall fill.


Looking and longing for deliverance
Upon Thy promise, mightless is My mind
Sightlesse mine eyes, which often I advance
Unto Thy word
Thus praying, When O Lord
When will it be I shall Thy comfort find.

I like a smoked bottle am become
And yet the Wine of Thy commandments hold
Ay me! When shall I see the totall summ
Of all my woes
When wilt Thou on my foes
Make wronged me Thy just revenge behold?

Their Pride hath digged pitts me to ensnare
Which with Thy teachings how doth it agree
True, or more truly Truth Thy prΧcepts are
By falsehood they
Would make of me their prey
Let truth O Lord from falsehood rescue me.

Nigh quite consum'd by them on earth I ly
Yet from Thy statutes never did I swerve
Lord of Thy goodness quicken me, and I
Will still persue
Thy Testimonys true
And all the biddings of Thy lipps observe.


Most plainly Lord the frame of Sky
Doth show Thy word decayeth never
And constant stay of Earth descry
Thy Word that staid it stayeth ever
For by Thy lawes they hold their standings
Yea all Things do Thy Service try
But that I joyd in Thy commandings
I had my self been sure to dye

Thy Word that hath revived me
I will retain forgetting never,
Let me Thyne own be sav'd by Thee
Whose Statutes are my studys ever
I mark Thy will, the while their standings
The wicked take my bane to bee
For I no close of Thy commandings
Of best things else an end I see.


Nought can enough declare
How I thy learning love
Wheron all day my meditation lyes
By whose Edicts I prove
Farr than my foes more wise
For they a wisdom never failing are

My teachers all of Old
May now come learn of me
Whose studyes tend but to Thy witnessd Will
Nay who most aged be
Thought therfore most of skill
In skill I passe for I Thy prΧcepts hold

I did reform my feet
From evry wicked way
That they might firmly in Thy Statutes stand
Nor ever did I stray
From what Thy Lawes command
For I of Thee have learned what is meet.

How pleasing to my tast
How sweet Thy speeches bee
No touch of hony so affects my tongue
From whose Edicts in me
Hath such sure wisdom sprung
That all false wayes, quite out of love I cast.


O what a Lantern, what a Lamp of light
Is Thy pure Word to me
To cleere my paths and guide my goings right
I swear and sweare again
I of Thy statutes will Observer be
Thou justly dost ordain.

The heavy weights of grief oppresse me scre
Lord rayse me by Thy word
As Thou to me didst promise heretofore
And this unforced prayse
I for an Offring bring, Accept O Lord
And shew to me Thy wayes.

What if my life ly naked in my hand
To evry chance exposd
Should I forgett what Thou dost me command
No, No I will not stray
From Thy Edicts, though round about enclosd
With snares the wicked lay

Thy Testimonys as my heritage
I have retayned still:
And unto them my hearts delight engage
My heart, which still dos bend
And only bend to do what Thou dost will
And do it to the end.


People that inconstant be
Constant hatred have for me
But Thy Doctrin changeless ever
Holds my love that changeth never
For Thou the closet where I hide
The shield wherby I safe abide
My confidence expects Thy promise just.
Hence away you cursed crew
Gett you gon that ridd from you
I at better ease and leasure
May perform my Gods good pleasure
O Lord as Thou Thy word didst give
Sustain me so that I may live
Nor make me blush as frustrate of my trust.

Be my Pillar, be my stay
Safe then I shall swerve no way
All my Witt and understanding
Shall then work on Thy Commanding
For underfoot Thou treadst them all
Who swerving from Thy PrΧcepts fall
And vainly in their guile and treason trust
Yea the wicked sort by Thee
All as drosse abjected be
Therfore what Thy Proof approveth
That my love entirely loveth
And such regard of Thee I make
For feare of Thee my flesh doth quake
And of Thy Lawes, Thy Lawes severely just.


Quit and cleare from doing wrong
O let me not betrayed be
Unto them who ever strong
Do wrongly seek to ruin me
Nay my Lord
Baile Thy servant on Thy word
And let not these that soare so high
By my low stoop yet higher fly

Eye doth faile while I not faile
With eye Thy safety to persue
Looking when will once prevaile
And take effect Thy promise true
All I crave
I at mercys hand would have.
And from Thy Wisdom, which I pray
May cause me know Thy law and way

Since Thy Servant still I stay
My understanding Lord enlight
So enlight it that I may
Thy Ordinances know aright
Now, O now
Time requires O Lord that Thou
Thy Laws defence shouldst undertake
For now Thy Law doth sorely shake

Hope wherof makes that more deare
I Thy Edicts and Statutes hold
Than if Gold to me they were
Yea than they were the purest Gold.
Makes that right
Are thy PrΧcepts in my sight
Makes that I hate each lying way
That from their truth may cause me stray.


Right wonderfull Thy Testimonys be
My heart to keep them I therfore bend
Their very threshold gives men light
And gives men sight
That light to see
Yea ev'en to Babes doth understanding lend.

Opening my mouth I drank a greedy draught
And did on them my whole pleasure place
Look then O Lord and pitty me
As erst I see
Ordaind and taught
By Thee for them whose hearts Thy name embrace

Of all my goings make thy Word the guide
Nor let injustice upon me reign
From them that false accusers be
Lord set me free
So never slide
Shall I from what Thy statutes do ordeine

Shine on Thy Servants with Thy Faces beames
And throughly me Thy commandments teach
From ffountains of whose watry eyes
Do welling rise
Of teares huge streames
Viewing each where Thy Doctrins dayly breach.


Sure Lord Thy Self art just
And sure Thy lawes be right
Which justly Thou and rightly dost
Command us still to lay
Before our carefull sight
To rule our words, and guide our way.

How neare my heart it goes
And pains me to endure
Thy Words forgotten by Thy foes!
Whose pureness doth excell
What is of all most pure
By me Thy Servant loved well

Who though to them most base
And most despisd I grew
Oblivion yet could not deface
Thy Statutes in my breast
For ay Thy Truth most true
And justice still most just doth rest.

Oppression heavy lay
And anguish wrung me sore
Yet were Thy prΧcepts still my joy
Thy prΧcepts which remaine
Must just for ever more
O teach me, and my life sustaine.


To Thee my hearty plaint I send
Lord turn Thyn eare
My plaint to heare
For to Thy law my life I bend
Since I have invoaked Thee
Let me Lord Thy succour see
And what Thy Ordinances will
I will persist observing still.

My cry more early than the day
Doth dayly rise
Because mine eyes
Upon Thy promise wayting stay
Eyes I say, which still prevent
Watches best to watchings bent
Esteming it but pleasing paines
To muse on that Thy Word contains.

O in Thy mercy heare my voice
And as Thy lawes
Afford the cause
So make me Lord reviv'd rejoyce
Lord Thou seest the graceless crew
Presse me neare, who me persue
As for the Doctrin of Thy law
They farr from it themselves withdraw.

That Lord Thou seest, and this I see
Thou evry where
To me art neare
For true, nay Truth Thy PrΧcepts be
Now, though not now first I know
For I knew it long agoe
That firmly founded once by Thee
Thy Ordinance no end can see


View how I am distressed
And let me be released
For look what me Thy Word hath bidden
Out of mind hath never slidden
Then bee my Causes Deemer
Bee then my Souls Redeemer
And as good hope Thy Word doth give me
Let with good help Thy Work redeem me
Where wickedness is loved
There health is farr removed
For since Thy Sole Edicts contain it
Who search not them how can they gain it?
Thy mercys are so many
Their number is not any
Then as Thou usest Lord to use me
Revive me now and not refuse me
Exceding is their number
That me persue and cumber
Yet what Thy Witness hath defined
From that my stepps have not declined.
I saw and grieved seing
Their ways who wayward being
With guilfull stubborness withstanded
What by Thy speeches was commanded
Since therfore plain is proved
That I Thy laws have loved
Look Lord and heare, Thy bounty showing
Restore my life now feeble growing.
This in Thy Doctrin reigneth
It naught but Truth containeth
This in Thy justice brightly shineth
Thy just Edicts no date defineth.


Without all cause the mightyest Peeres
Do me persue but all my Feares
Herin do end
Least that I should against Thy Word offend
Thy word wherin I so delight
As he who after happy fight
Finds precious spoiles
Sweet recompense of passed painfull toiles
It canot be but I must hate
And hate is more than common rate
What fals doth prove
Since on Thy Doctrin true is built my love
The Sun his light doth never bring
But seven times Thy prayse I sing
My Theme I make
The punishments Thou dost in justice take
I know to him that loveth Thee
Shall peace, and peace in plenty be
That no unrest
To him shall fall, no trouble him molest
That makes I never make an end
Thy saving succour to attend
Performing still
All that I find prΧscribed by Thy will.
That makes my carefull heart doth hold
The Words Thy witnesst will enfold
Loving them so
That greater love in heart can hardly grow
That makes my self well keeping stand
Both them and that Thy Words command
Knowing to Thee
No deedes of mine unknown can ever be


Yeild me this favour Lord
My plaint may presse into Thy sight
And make me understand aright
According to Thy Word
Admitt to sight I say
The prayür that to Thee I send
And unto me Thy help extend
Who on Thy promise stay
Then from my lipps shall flow
An holy hymn of prayse to Thee
When I Thy scholar taught shall be
By Thee Thy lawes to know
Then shall my tongue declare
And teach again what Thou hast taught
All whose Decrees to tryall brought
Most just nay justice are.
O then reach out Thy hand
And yeild me ayd I justly crave
Since all things I forsaken have
And chosen Thy command.
I look, I long, O Lord
To see at length Thy saving grace
And only do my gladness place
In Thy glad-making Word
I know my soul shall live
And living Thee due honour yeild
I know Thy law shall be my sheild
And me all succour give
As sheep from shepheard gon
So wander I, O seek Thy sheep
Whoso in mind Thy PrΧcepts keep
That I forget not One.

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