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PSALM 31. IN TE DOMINE, by            
First Line: All, all my trust, lord, I have put in thee
Last Line: And he shall your establishment renew.

All, all my trust, Lord, I have put in Thee,
Never, therefore, let me confounded be,
But save me, save me in Thy righteousness,
Bow down Thine ear to hear how much I need,
Deliver me, deliver me in speed,
Be my strong rock, be Thou my forteress.

Indeed Thou art my rock, my forteress;
Then since my tongue delights that name to bless,
Direct me how to go, and guide me right,
Preserve me from the wily wrapping net
Which they for me with privy craft have set,
For still I say Thou art my only might.

Into Thy hands I do commend my sprite,
For it is Thou, that hast restored my light,
O Lord, that art the God of verity.
I hated have those men whose thoughts do cleave
To vanities, which most trust, most deceive,
For all my hope fixed upon God doth lie.

Thy mercy shall fill me with jollity,
For my annoys have come before Thine eye,
Thou well hast known what plunge my soul was in
And Thou hast not for aye enclosed me
Within the hand of hateful enmity,
But hast enlarged my feet from mortal gin.

O Lord, of Thee let me still mercy win,
For troubles of all sides have me within.
My eye, my guts, yea, my soul grief doth waste,
My life with heaviness, my years with moan
Do pine, my strength with pain is wholly gone,
And even my bones consume where they be placed.

All my fierce foes reproach on me did cast;
Yea, neighbors, more, my mates were so aghast
That in the streets from sight of me they fled.
Now I, now I myself forgotten find,
Ev'n like a dead man dreamed out of mind,
Or like a broken pot in mire tredd.

I understand what railing great men spread;
Fear was each where, while they their counsels led
All to this point, how my poor life to take.
But I did trust in Thee, Lord, I did say
Thou art my God, my time on Thee doth stay;
Save me from foes who seek my bane to bake.

Thy face to shine upon Thy servant make,
And save me in, and for, Thy mercy's sake.
Let me not taste of shame, O Lord most high,
For I have called on Thee, let wicked folk
Confounded be, and pass away like smoke,
Let them in bed of endless silence die.

Let those lips be made dumb which love to lie,
Which full of spite, of pride and cruelty,
Do throw their words against the most upright.
O! of Thy grace what endless pleasure flows
To whom fear Thee? What Thou hast done for those
That trust in Thee, ev'n in most open sight!

And when need were, from pride in privy plight
Thou hast hid them; yet leaving them Thy light,
From strife of tongues in Thy pavilions placed.
They praise, then praise I do the Lord of us,
Who was to me more than most gracious,
Far, far more sure than walls most firmly fast.

Yet I confess in that tempestuous haste
I said that I from out Thy sight was cast;
But Thou didst hear when I to Thee did moan.
Then love Him ye all ye that feel His grace,
For this our Lord preserves the faithful race,
And to the proud in deeds pays home their own.
Be strong, I say, His strength confirm in you,
You that do trust in Him who still is true,
And He shall your establishment renew.

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