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First Line: A pilgrimage! A pilgrimage!
Last Line: This rose whose name is love!
Subject(s): Coolbrith, Ina D. (1842-1928); Pilgrimages & Pilgrims

A pilgrimage! A pilgrimage
To the house of the Lyric Voice!
But what shall we offer? No Rajah's coffer
Has jewel worth the choice.

But what is worthy our poet?
Not pearls from fathoms down—
For she who sings craves not these things—
She wears the Laurel Crown!

Offer a gift from the redwoods—
God's green eternal trees,
Whose epic roots in earthen boots
Tread out the centuries.

Show her the sea in summer—
Its flowing fields in flower,
When the moon-clock rides to time the tides,
God's finger on the hour!

Show her a tranquil sunset—
Day's crimson afterlude,
When the first low note of the thrush's throat
Gives song to solitude!

Take her the musk from the meadows
When night lets down the bars,
And the farmer-moon has thickly strewn
The sapphire dusk with stars.

Offer a gift from the garden
Where roses bud and blow,
And the morning-glory perfumes her story
From jars of azure glow.

God is a truthful giver—
His hand wears not the glove—
From his own to mine, from mine own to thine
This rose whose name is Love!

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