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First Line: We two stood together one day
Last Line: Sealed those sweet love-vows with a kiss.
Subject(s): Love; May (month); Memory

We two stood together one day
'Neath the pleasant skies of May,
In the shadow of the locust-trees
Where blew the perfume-laden breeze.

The birds above sang clear and sweet,
The brooklet murmured at our feet,
Reflecting in its waves the hue
Of forests green and heavens blue.

And at our feet the grasses grew;
Among them almost hid from view
Were vi'lets; each with shy, sweet grace,
Had drooped its head to hide its face.

O, violets, that seek the shades,
And zephyrs mild of forest glades,
The solitude of darksome nooks,
And murmurs of clear sylvan brooks!

From crowded ways and crowded walks
And from the gossiper's dull talks
That day we held ourselves apart,
To know more of each other's heart.

And sought like you the forest's shade,
And there our sacred love-vows made;
Trose vows are just as firm to-day
As on that bygone day in May.

I held her dearest hand in mine,
O, small, soft hand, you seemed divine --
And earnestly I gazed into
Her pensive eyes of tender blue.

My heart with new-found love was thrilled,
As her sweet eyes, with tears half-filled,
Spoke truthful love to me far more
Than e'er her lips had spoke before.

'Ah, many years ago that's been,
And many summers we have seen
Together, since that day, dear pet,
When 'neath those locust trees we met.

Where you, with sweet, uplifted face,
Wearing the violet's modest grace,
With pure, enraptured love and bliss,
Sealed those sweet love-vows with a kiss.

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