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HOISTING THE FLAG, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: We hoisted the beautiful, beautiful flag
Last Line: With its silken folds unfurled!
Subject(s): Flags; Nations

We hoisted the beautiful, beautiful flag,
Our country's flag so bright and gay,
Over our little log schoolhouse to-day.

For the love which we had for our country,
Our country so grand and free;
We hoisted the beautiful flag to-day,
Our emblem of liberty.

We thought, as we looked upon it,
How oft o'er the battle plain
It had waved victoriously
Above the thousands slain.

And we thought of the many thousands
Of patriots and braves
Who fought and fell beneath it,
Now lying low in their graves.

'Tis no wonder then that we love it,
Our beautiful flag so bright,
With its crimson stripes and azure field,
And its stars so pure and white.

May the crimson stripes remind us,
Over and over again,
Of the blood of heroic patriots,
Which was spilled on the battle plain!

The beautiful white, the stainless white,
Means peace and purity;
And may our lives, like the white of the flag,
Pure, fleckless, and stainless be.

And as we look at the blue of our flag,
So like the fair blue skies;
We think of faith and fidelity,
Which 'twas made to symbolize.

May we ever love our country's flag,
With its beautiful colors three,
And the glorious Nation it represents,
United, proud, and free.

So here's three cheers! All together!
For our flag, the best in the world,
As it waves above our schoolhouse
With its silken folds unfurled!

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