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THE WAGON RIDE, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: It was on a visit they came
Last Line: And we had a merry ride that day.
Subject(s): Wagons

It was on a visit they came,
Four girls from town, (I'll not tell any name)
Out in the country for a merry "spell,"
But how they came, I'm not going to tell.

And when the day they'd almost spent,
Then all their thoughts were homeward bent;
So Sis and I decided to go
And take them "almost" home, you know.

We first proposed to ride horseback,
Then next into a wagon pack;
And to this last we all agreed,
And piled in the wagon grass and weed
To sit on; then we all got in,
And our rough, jolly ride did begin.

Yes, 'twas a jolly wagon-ride, --
None were there but just girls inside
The rough, old jolty wagon-bed,
Just six young girls, as I have said!

Humpty, bumpty, o'er stones we drove,
And anon through a shady grove
Then up the mountain's steep ascent,
Past farm-houses old and quaint.

Thus we merrily jogged along,
Eating apples, and full of songs;
Guessing what our sweethearts would say
If they should meet us upon the way.

Telling jokes and poking fun,
For every one was frolicsome --
'Twas thus we whiled the time away,
And we had a merry ride that day.

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