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First Line: A nazarite indeed. Not such another
Last Line: In glory bright with songs of thy renown.
Subject(s): Puritans In Literature

A Nazarite indeed. Not such another.
More rich than Jasper, finer far than Silke
More cleane than Heavens froth the Skies out pother:
Purer than snow: and Whiter far than Milke.
In Bodie ruddier than Rubies, nay
Whose pollishing of Sapphire's brave, and gay.

Devoted by thy Father and thy selfe
To all Examplary Holy Life.
Grace's Chiefe Flower pot on highest shelfe
In all God's Hall. Here Holiness is rife.
And higher Herbs of Grace can never grow
In Bulk, or Brightness, than before us flow.

Thy Typick Holiness, more sweet than Muske,
Ore tops the paltry Dainties of Strong Drinke:
Or Vines whose Fruite is Casked in an huske,
And Kirnells with hard Stones: though from their Chink:
Bleeds royall Wine: and grapes Sweet Raisens make
The Wine will soure. Types may not of it take.

The letter of the Law of Nazarites
Concerns thee not. The Spirit oft is meet
For thee alone. Thou art the Vine t'invite
The Grape without Husk, Stone, The Raisen Sweet.
Yea, thou thyselfe, the Wine, and Strong Drink art.
E're sweet, nere Vinegar, or soureing sharp.

Thy Head that wares a Nazaritick Crown
Of Holiness Deckt with its purple Hair
Dide in the Blood thy Grape shed when presst down
Derides the Rasor. Saints there nestled are.
And when thy Vow is o're, under the wing
Of their Peace offering thy praise they'l sing.

Thou never wast defiled by the Dead.
No Dead thing ever, yet disstained thee.
Life from thy Fingers ends runs, and ore spred
Itselfe through all thy Works what e're they bee.
Thy Thoughts, Words, Works are lively, frim, do still
Out Spirituall Life. Thy Spirit doth them fill.

Pare off, my Lord, from mee I pray, my pelfe.
Make mee thy Nazarite by imitation
Not of the Ceremony, but thy selfe,
In Holiness of Heart, and Conversation.
Then I shall weare thy Nazarite like Crown
In Glory bright with Songs of thy Renown.

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