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First Line: My glorious lord, how doth the worlds bright glory
Last Line: And sing the bridall melodies out best.
Subject(s): Puritans In Literature

My Glorious Lord, how doth the Worlds bright Glory
Grow great? Yet loe, thy Spouse doth ware a Shine
That far ore shines the Worlds bright Shining Story
More than the Sun a glow worms glitter prime.
Thy Neck is like a Tower of Ivory
White, pure and bright, streight upright, neatly High.

Noting thy Pretious Faith which Pillar like
Bears up the golden Head: and joyns it to
Herselfe thy Body mystick, thy delight:
And is the very pipe through which do flow
All Vitall Spirits from the head t'revive
And make the Bodies members all to thrive.

This Neck Compleats thy Spouse, her stately steps,
As a Celestiall Majesty Upright
Not ry nor Rugged Whight smooth; hath no frets.
Thyselfe her Head fix on her neck all White.
It never breaks but makes the Spouse a neate
And statly person, Body and head compleate.

All Spirituall Vitall Influences soaking through
They through it drench all its passports, or wayes
Though never so secret to each member so
And make them grow most gay.
This office performs and uniting hold
The Head and Body, feet more bright than gold.

Her Eyes the fayer glory, the Looking Glass
Wherein her minde sees all things shining peep.
They are like Heshbon's fish pooles sparkling as
The Lymphick Rayments Scally Robes there keep
Her cleare clear knowledge in her Spirituall Eye
As Viewing things Divine is held thereby.

These Fish pools then of Heshbon of rare Art
And at Bath Rabbim's gate erected cleare
Bright shining do unto us thus impart
As they stand at the Rabbins Hall door neer
That bright bright Light that doth thy Spouse attend,
That doth all Hellish darkness quite dispend.

It is the Holy Ghosts bright Lanthorn in Her hand
That lights her feet to take the path of Grace
And makes the night time daylight. No stop nor stand
Hence she hath as she doth to glory trace.
The Sun of Righteousness'es beams make day
Within, through these and out hence she sees th'right way.

Her Nose, the Faces Ornamental Dress
Like Lebanon's brave tower, that hath its Eye
Upon Damascus which Enemies possess.
And smells the actions of Christs Enemy:
The Senses and the Neck Eyes, Nose speake beauty bright
Being Compleat and Watchfull Weights.

And hence these Metaphors we spirituallized
Speake out the Spouses spirituall Beauty cleare:
And morallizd do speake out Enemies
And hence declare the Spouses Lovely deare
To be the best and Enemies hath though they
Assaulting her shall perish in th'assay.

Make me a member of thy Beautious Bride,
I then shall wear thy lovely Spouses Shine
And shall envest her with my Love beside
Which with thy graces shall a dorn her fine.
Ist then be deckt up in thy Glorious vests
And sing the Bridall Melodies out best.

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