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First Line: Callst thou me friend? What rhetorick is this?
Last Line: Runs over with thy prais in sweetest songs.
Subject(s): Puritans In Literature

Callst thou me Friend? What Rhetorick is this?
It is a Piece of heavenly Blandishments.
Can I befriend thee, Lord? Grace dost thou miss
Miss name me by such lushous Complements.
The Poles may kiss and Paralells meet I trow
And Sun the Full moon buss, e're I do so.

'Twould be too much for Speeches Minted Stamp.
Sure it would set sweet Grace nigh on the Wrack
To assert I could befriend thee and her Cramp.
Methinke this tune night makes thy Harp Strings crack.
Yet Graces note claims kindred nigh this knell
Saying Eate Oh Friend, Yea drinke Beloved Well.

Friend, and Beloved calld to and welcom'd thus
At thy Rich Garden feast with spiced joy.
If any else had let such Dainties rush
It would be counted sauced blasphemy.
But seing Graces Clouds such rain impart,
Her Hony fall for joy makes leape my heart.

A Friend, yea the best friend that heaven hath
Thou art to me; how do thy sweet lips drop
Thy Gospell Hony Dews her sky display'th
Oh Sweetness such never to be forgot.
All Trees of Spices planted in this plot
Rich hung with Hony dews that on them dropt.

Thou drinkst thy Gardens Syllabub in trine
Honide with the drops thy Hony Comb distills.
Thou drinkst a Cup to me of't spiced wine
And bidst mee pledge thee and I pledge will.
My heart top full of these sweet dainties comes
Runs over with thy prais in sweetest songs.

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