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First Line: Glory! What art? O! Sparkling spark all bright
Last Line: I'le sing thee songs of grace in glories spheare.
Subject(s): Puritans In Literature

Glory! what art? O! Sparkling Spark all bright,
Thy Shining Robes all gallantry do ware
Dazling the Eye of such as have the Sight
Of anyone deckt with thy Sparklings rare.
Guilding the Ambient aire with golden shine
In which its Subjects stande in glory fine.

This pale-fac'de Moon that Silver Snowball like
That Walkes ints Silver Glory, paints the Skies
The tester of the Bed, where day and night
Each Creature Coverd ore with glory lies,
She with her Silver Rayes envarnish doth
In Silver paint, the Skies as out she go'th.

But oh! the Sun, that golden Ball of Glory
That Walkes in his Celestiall Galleries
In flaming Broad cloth wove, in th'Highest Story,
Of Glories Rayes, and aires fine twine webwise
Doth make her golden Beams, her tapestry
Which gilds the heavens ore, hung out on high.

But all this glory pleasent to behold,
Is but a drop of ink compar'd with thine,
My Deare-Dear Lord whose Sparkling glory would
Enravish all that sees but halfe its Shine.
The bodies eyes want Strength to beare the Sight
From sinking when a beam of't on't doth Light.

Thy elementall Frame, that China Dish,
Varnisht with nature's rich perfection o're,
The top of beauty, humane nature's bliss,
Most naturally deckt with all beauties glore,
A Crystall Glass, Transparent Silver bowle.
Or Golden Tabernacle of the Soule.

Eyes ne'er beheld Humanity so brave,
So Beautifull a piece of manhood-frame.
Filld all with graces glory, whose bright Wave
Is dasht all ore, with orientall flame.
A Golden Viol full of gracious Grace
Whose flashing Shine out shines the Angells face.

Hence ery thought that in thy heart was hatcht.
And ery word that from thy lips did fall
And ery act thy person ere dispatcht,
Came glorifide with graces glory all
That eyes enlighten'd with thy glory, said
We saw his glory as God's Son's, displaid.

When thou the Curtain backtst a little t'shew
A little flash of thy greate glory bright
Thy Countenance did shine like lightning: true,
Thy Raiment was as white as Snow, or light.
Angells adore and Saints admire thy brightness
And hunger to bee filled with thy likeness.

Lord, make me with thy likeness like to thee.
Upon my Soule thy Shining Image place.
And let thy glorious grace shine bright in mee.
Enlay my thoughts, my words, and Works with Grace.
If thou wilt dub mee with bright gracious geere,
I'le sing thee Songs of Grace in Glories Spheare.

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