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TO FANCY, by            
First Line: O glorious moth of moody phantasy
Last Line: That round the sacred lamp circlest for ever!
Subject(s): Moths

O GLORIOUS Moth of moody phantasy,
Fretting the mortal garment of the mind
With passionate heat and cold perplexity
Of sanguine thought, and feeling undefined;
That prey'st on spirits sensitive, and frail,
For the dim splendours of thy damask bloom—
Leaving dull natures, in impervious mail
Of commonplace, at leisure to consume!
O, wingèd fancy, that with wasteful flame
Our days mak'st briefer to make bright thy beam.
O blessèd thief of time, whose theft none blame,
Though life thou shorten by thy shadowy dream,—
How should'st thou fear to haste this "fitful fever,"
That round the sacred Lamp circlest for ever!

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