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Subject: RODEOS
Matches Found: 24

ALL-GIRL RODEO, 1959, by DAN LAMBERTON    Poem Source                
First Line: My mother wore red-leather riding boots
Last Line: As ours, where, in shades of bunch grass, cloud and granite,%their own wild horses would be strainin
Subject(s): Rodeos; Women In Sports

CLOSING OF THE RODEO, by WILLIAM JAY SMITH    Poem Source                 Poet's Biography
First Line: The lariat snaps, the cowboy rolls
Last Line: Good-bye, say the barber poles. %dark drum the vanishing horses' hooves
Subject(s): Labor And Laborers; Rodeos; Sports

FALLON RODEO LONG TIME AGO, by ADRIAN C. LOUIS    Poem Source                
First Line: The bonfire laughed upward
Subject(s): Native Americans; Rodeos; San Francisco

FOR JEFF, by JON BOWERMAN    Poem Source                
First Line: You followed rodeo from calgary to el paso
Subject(s): Cowboys; Rodeos

FREEDOM, OKLAHOMA, RODEO, by KATHLEEN JOHNSON    Poem Source                
First Line: What went on inside
Last Line: As if it would never %let go
Subject(s): Oklahoma; Rodeos

GOING TO THE SHAWNEE RODEO, by DON BELL    Poem Source                
First Line: I was fightin' this model t ... Oklahoma clay
Subject(s): Cowboys; Rodeos

GOOD RODEO FAIRY, by JAMES RICHARD BROUGHTON    Poem Source                 Poet's Biography
First Line: Very rough and tumble those root-tooting rustlers
Last Line: So circular sweetly again we have tempo %and plenty of room for our pretty heigh-hos
Subject(s): Rodeos

HIGH SCHOOL RODEO PARADE, by TERESE SVOBODA    Poem Source                
First Line: It starts when the cop drops the wax paper
Subject(s): High School Students; Parades; Rodeos

HURRAH FOR THE STOCK, by PAUL ZARZYSKI    Poem Source                
First Line: In roundup, montana %toothless rodeo cowboys with bowed legs
Last Line: Is it any wonder %cattle boo the national anthem?
Subject(s): Montana; Rodeos

First Line: He says a big red eye
Subject(s): Bulls; Rodeos

LEGACY OF THE RODEO MAN, by BAXTER BLACK    Poem Source                
First Line: There's a hundred years of history and a hundred before that
Last Line: It's guts and love and glory - one mortal's chance at fame %his legacy is rodeo and cowboy is his na
Subject(s): Cowboys; Rodeos

MAN AGAINST BEAST, by MABEL E. GEYER    Poem Text                
First Line: The bull is angry, smarting from the lash
Last Line: And man will find his need for struggle ceased.
Subject(s): Rodeos

MEDICINE ROCK RODEO, by LINDA M. HASSELSTROM    Poem Source                
First Line: The bleachers are crowded, folks
Subject(s): Rodeos

MY RODEO, by MARCUS JACK GRAPES    Poem Source                
First Line: I'm ashamed of my cheap rodeo
Last Line: Its occasional cough, the short low moan %just before daybreak. My cheap rodeo
Subject(s): Rodeos

RODEO, by DIANA DER-HOVANESSIAN    Poem Source                
First Line: The grand finale
Last Line: The west is won
Subject(s): Rodeos

RODEO, by WALLACE MCRAE    Poem Source                
First Line: Here we go, to the rodeo
Last Line: It's been a thrill, but we've had our fill %of cowboys...At least for a week
Subject(s): Rodeos

RODEO FOOL, by WALTER ROBERT MCDONALD    Poem Source                 Poet's Biography
First Line: We hummed sad country songs all summer
Alternate Author Name(s): Mcdonald, Walt
Subject(s): Rodeos

RODEO TANGENT, by KENDRA BORGMANN    Poem Source                
First Line: Woman in front of you's black hair blowing over itself-some man loves
Last Line: Mouth-does he hold it back-does the night smell like yarrow crushed %underfoot
Subject(s): Rodeos; Sports

RODEO'S IN TOWN, by KIRK ROBERTSON    Poem Source                
First Line: The gaggle of tanned cowgirl poptarts
Last Line: At the cosmetic counter in raley's
Subject(s): Rodeos

SOUTH BY WEST: OLD MATA, by EDNA TARVER    Poem Text                
First Line: Rodeo hero
Last Line: To water the plow mules.
Subject(s): Rodeos

THE CLOSING OF THE RODEO, by WILLIAM JAY SMITH                    Poet's Biography
First Line: The lariat snaps, the cowboy rolls
Subject(s): Labor & Laborers; Rodeos; Sports; Work; Workers

THE DEAD BRONCHO-BUSTER, by BERTON BRALEY    Poem Text                 Poet's Biography
First Line: Ride him, cowboy, ride him!'
Last Line: And ride it among the stars!
Subject(s): Cowboys; Horseback Riding; Rodeos

First Line: Fools! I have heard the beat of the last rodeo
Last Line: On the white dust roads that writhe in the sacramento.
Subject(s): California; Rodeos

VIVALDI IN NEVADA, by HAROLD VERNON WITT    Poem Source                
First Line: Hear, while around the rodeo grounds below
Last Line: Lie under summer still as stones, plays on
Subject(s): Rodeos