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SAINTE CHAPELLE, by            
First Line: Sainte chapelle holds a garden within its walls
Last Line: Only the windows remain divinely splendid.
Subject(s): Saints; Teresa, Saint (1515-1582); Teresa Of Jesus, Saint; Teresa Of Avila, Saint; Theresa, Saint

Sainte Chapelle holds a garden within its walls,
A garden that blossoms only when the sun
Sends its light through figured, stained glass windows.
Then roses bloom, fresh as Sainte Therese's
Gift from God. Grave lilies grace the tombs
Of sleeping saints, marigolds weave a golden
Maze among the choir stalls, the virgin
Blue of violets cluster round
The base of capitals and butterflies
Flutter timorously in luminous rays
Of light. The curtain falls, the garden is ended,
Only the windows remain divinely splendid.

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